CS3510 Algorithms

Spring 2023 9:30-10:45AM Instructional Center 103

Course Information

Welcome to introductory algorithms. We have four main sections.

We will follow the book Algorithms by Dasgupta, Papadimitriou, and Vazirani but there are other excellent books:

I may occasionally pull from these books. I recommend you follow and read the DPV book.




This is subject to change as I realize what takes more or less time.

Date Subject Reading (book) Reading (PDF) Reading (CLRS) Notes Other
01/10/23 Introduction pg 1-10 pg 11-19 notes
01/12/23 Arithmetic pg 11-15,45-47 pg 21-24,51-53
01/17/23 Divide and Conquer pg 48-54 pg 54-59
01/19/23 Cryptography pg 23-34 pg 28-42 notes
01/24/23 Fast Fourier Transform pg 57-70 pg 64-78 notes
01/26/23 Topological Sorting pg 80-91 pg 91-101 notes
01/31/23 Review
02/02/23 Exam 1
02/07/23 Strongly Connected Components pg 91-95 pg 101-105 notes
02/09/23 Kruskal's Algorithm pg 127-137 pg 133-142 notes
02/14/23 Dijkstra's Algorithm pg 104-117 pg 109-122 notes
02/16/23 Max Flow Min Cut Theorem pg 198-204 pg 199-205 notes
02/21/23 Review
02/23/23 Exam 2
02/28/23 Bellman-Ford pg 115-120,156-157 pg 122-125,161-162
03/02/23 Longest Subsequences pg 390-396
03/07/23 Chain Matrix Multiplication pg 168-171 pg 174-175 pg 370-377
03/09/23 Knapsack
03/14/23 Review
03/16/23 Exam 3
03/28/23 Introduction to NP-completeness notes pre notes
03/30/23 Satisfiability notes pre notes
04/04/23 Independent Set, Vertex Cover pre notes
04/06/23 Clique, Subset Sum notes pre notes
04/11/23 Super Mario is NP-hard pre note paper
04/13/23 Review
04/18/23 Exam 4
04/20/23 Monte-Carlo pre note
04/25/23 Shor's Algorithm notes

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